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AdsSupply is a performance marketing company with a difference.
We specialise in providing affiliate marketers with a self-service platform for creating, running and optimising online advertising campaigns.
Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate or you’re just getting started, AdsSupply can provide you with the tools to promote the products and services of hundreds of online merchants.

The best part?
You’ll receive a commission for every lead your ad generates.


AdsSupply was founded by a team of experienced affiliate marketers who were frustrated by the quality of affiliate marketing tools. Running campaigns should be easy, but most platforms require a significant investment of time and money before users can get the results they are looking for.
AdsSupply simplifies the affiliate marketing process by bringing all of the required components together into a single, easy-to-use platform. We have a great team of technologists who are working hard to add new features to our platform, and we are always working on new deals with publisher networks and advertisers, to make sure we can meet the needs of our users.
AdsSupply enables marketers to earn commissions based on a Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) model, so whenever you run campaigns with us you can be sure that you’re delivering results for CPL advertisers every time you get paid.
Finally, we offer an outstanding level of customer support to our clients, with 24-hour chat and email support, 5 days per week. Our support representatives are always willing to assist.
Join AdsSupply today and start experience affiliate marketing at a whole new level.

Start generating commissions today, simply by running ads for online advertisers


Choose a product/service category to promote


Customise your ad’s visuals and messaging


Broadcast the ad to thousands of web users


Earn commissions for every lead generated


AdsSupply takes the complexity out of advertising by pulling all pieces together in a single self-service platform.

On one side, we have relationships with hundreds of online companies offering product and services in a wide range of domains – from education software to keyword research products.

These advertisers love it when users of the AdsSupply platform promote their products, and they pay every time our users generate leads on their behalf.


On the other side, we have established relationships with publisher networks that collectively reach multiple thousands of website and millions of potential web users.

When running an ad on the AdsSupply system, your ad will be displayed to web users across various websites.
The challenge is to ensure that your ad captures the attention of these web users.

Each time one of these qualified users submits an email and provides some other contact information, you generate a lead which then gets delivered to an advertiser who wants to sell products or services to that user.


AdsSupply aims to make the affiliate marketing profession more accessible to more people.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to start affiliate marketing for the first time, or you’re interested in applying your existing skills to promote a new selection of products and services, AdsSupply can provide you with a one-stop-shop for running live, ready-to-go campaigns.
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